About Ron Parpara PREC* Vancouver Realtor Ron Parpara is a Realtor® in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Since 2007, Ron has been helping individuals buy and sell properties across the lower mainland, and ranks among the top real estate agents within the Vancouver area. Bio Ron Parpara is an experienced realtor, born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Living within the evolving areas of the lower mainland, Ron developed an extensive knowledge of the Vancouver market and its neighbouring cities. When a chance to become a certified realtor arose in 2007, Ron Parpara took the opportunity to change the lives of hundreds of Canadians. He felt he should give back to the community that raised him, and help other homeowners and buyers find success in the hard-to-navigate markets. Passionate about his work, Ron currently runs ronparpara.com, servicing those looking to buy or sell homes, houses, condos, apartments, townhouses, and more. Here's what Ron has to say: "I'm in 12th year as a Realtor® and have acquired an extensive knowledge of the rapidly changing Vancouver market and surrounding area. I'm a passionate, experienced and honest Realtor. I define 'full service' as 'going above and beyond' for each and every client, which they will all attest to in my client testimonials, and in my agent awards. I've seen the ever-changing city grow for 38 years, having been born and raised in Vancouver. Also, I've worked in the financial services sector for almost 15 years, 11+ of them being a Realtor. My home is in Fairview and I love everything in Vancouver! In my spare time, I spend it mostly with my family or trying out one of the city's many restaurants. When time permits, I also volunteer to help the homeless, and get in a game of basketball or bowling. I've been working on a new donation program, where a percentage of all my sales will go to building homes in third world countries, for those less fortunate. I help clients buy their dream homes, sell their properties and invest in a large portfolio of residential properties, throughout the lower mainland. My business is run exclusively by referral and as a result, I have an extensive network of extremely satisfied clientele. Feel free to have a look at my client testimonials on the tab above, LinkedIn, Google, Yelp or Facebook profiles. If you would like to personally speak to any of my past clients, I’d be happy to get their consent, in order for you to further verify information and details. If you have any questions about my real estate services, please don't hesitate to contact me directly."