Memoir is a highly personalized, one-on-one creative service provided by Emmy and Gemini/CSA-nominated director-editor Zsolt Luka. In the course of an informal, sit-down chat (recorded on video), Zsolt will engage you to reminisce about your life and times, share your views and wisdom, and most importantly, capture a living snapshot of your spirit that can be enjoyed by family and friends for posterity.


The service is highly flexible, whether the filming occurs in your home or at another location - Zsolt handles all aspects of the professional recording himself, to ensure a sense of tranquility and to facilitate engaging, sparkling conversation! (Preparatory questions and suggested topics can be sent in advance)  Following the chat, Zsolt personally edits the footage to create a 'memoir' video (typically 30-60 mins long) which can then be shared easily. Additional creative options, such as the inclusion of archival photo and video materials in the new video, short-form versions, as well as printed transcripts, are also possible.

In today's fast-paced, media-driven world, we seldom take the time to share our broader life experience 'on the record'. We regret not having captured authentic conversations with our forebears to watch and share with our children and grandchildren. While a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, the moving image can be even more powerful.


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