Lower Food Prices means we provide lower food prices compared to full service grocery stores by reducing our operating costs.  We say 'no' to extras like: costly displays, expensive fixtures, big advertising budgets, costly overhead, in store meat cutting or baking in store. Look for “won’t be beat” slogan throughout our store and on some of your favourite items so that you don’t forget to simply show us if you find a lower price and we will match it.If a major supermarket competitor within this store’s geographical trade area offers a lower price on any item (whether the item has the above symbol or not) that we carry in our store simply show us an advertisement or receipt and we will sell you that item at the same price.  We reserve the right to limit price match quantities to a limit of 4 per item.  We will match the competitor’s price only during the effective date of the competitor’s advertisement or within 7 days of the receipt date.  We match identical items defined as same brand, item type (in the case of produce, meat and bakery), size and attributes or comparable items in the case of private label.  ‘Our major supermarket competitors’, ‘geographical trade areas’, and “comparable items” are determined solely by us and are based on a number of factors which can change from time to time. Excludes ‘spend x get x’; ‘Free’; and discounts  obtained through loyalty programs. We reserve the right to limit quantities.The “won’t be beat” program is applicable only to departments owned and operated by the No Frills Franchisee or Franchisor and does not apply to Gas Stations, or Pharmacy and prescriptions as defined under applicable legislation. The “won’t be beat” program does not apply to any other third party operators on our premises such as:  Fresh Meat, Fresh Seafood,Fresh Barbecue or Fresh Bakery Counters.