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•    Visit any doctor, specialist, or hospital, worldwide!
With the VUMI Universal VIP Plan, you are not limited to use any particular doctor, hospital or network.  You are free to choose the provider of your choice, worldwide.  You will not be limited to providers or facilities within certain networks only.  You are free to use any doctor, hospital, or surgery center, ANYWHERE.

• 100% Coverage (after deductible) for Most Conditions
Including coverage for private rooms, intensive care units, cancer treatment, dialysis, private nurse in your home, medications, physical therapy and much more.                 

See Universal VIP Info Booklet below for a complete list. 

Note: Initial approval for coverage is medically underwritten, so serious pre-existing conditions may be excluded, limited, or surcharged.  However, once issued, your policy will automatically renew every year, regardless of changes in your health.

• High Deductible/High Benefit Maximum
Think of your VUMI VIP plan as a safety net beyond your existing socialized medicine coverage.  Universal VIP has a $5 million benefit limit. By choosing a high deductible of $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000 you'll have peace of mind knowing that you can seek treatment anywhere, anytime, should a serious need arise. 

• Optional Maternity Coverage
Optional maternity rider provides pre-natal and delivery coverage after an initial 10-month waiting period.  

• Lifetime Guaranteed Renewal
VUMI plans automatically renew every year for life, regardless of changing health conditions!  (rates may increase as you age).

• Financial strength
VUMI is rated A+ by Moody's, and is backed by PartnersRe, a strong global company with over $22 Billion in assets.